It was four below zero this morning when I went running. A new and disgusting thing happened. My sweat actually froze and I had to continuously shake little ice balls out of my sleeve. Mother Nature always has new jokes to share with me.

So this week I began tracking my training data. I am keeping a spread sheet on miles, elevation, terrain and weather. I am also logging about how long it takes me. (I still don’t wear a watch but I check my clock before and after I leave.) I am training at an easy and slow pace to prevent injuries at this stage in the game. I put myself in the Fitness Protection Program for a few weeks over the holidays and I need to ease my way back up to high mileage. I wanted to give my mind and body one last rest before entering the realm of extreme mental discipline and physical challenges that the next year will hold. I spent time with family and friends. I indulged in my favorite things in the CH food group (Chips, chocolate, cheese) and I sat my arse on the couch and watched Netflix like a maniac. But the party is over. Let the training begin! Would my blog followers be interested in seeing my weekly training data?


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6 Responses to Sleevesicles

  1. karen s. papa says:

    all i need to do is train for a 10 km by march. this makes it look doable. I need some tips from a pro!

  2. Pete says:

    Yes please.

  3. Jon says:

    There’s gotta be some animal or organism that’ll eat sleevesicles. You could keep it in your shirt and form a symbiotic relationship the world has never seen before.

  4. Katie soltis says:

    Would love to know the plan! How did you even sweat when it was that cold and how did your lungs feel after that temp??

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