Zero to 78.1

So I have added a new page on the blog that will show my training log. I am a little annoyed at my slow pace right now but I guess going from zero miles to 78.1 after a break is still solid. Not to mention the HILLS that are everywhere here. I found the current record holder, Mavis Hutchinson on facebook. I believe she is now 89 years old. She was unaware that she held the official record. From what I have researched, 2 women have unofficially run a faster course coast to coast since the 1978 record. However, to meet Guinness Book standards, one must run between either L.A. or SanFransisco City Hall to NYC City Hall and have it completely documented. So it becomes complicated. Also, the trick is to find a route that is legal. I will be immediately disqualified if I run on a road that prohibits pedestrians. It looks like the current shortest route is 3,063 miles. Which is about 100 extra miles from what my predecessors ran. Any food for thought? of any kind? Jeesh, only 78.1 miles this week and I have worked up an appetite 🙂


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5 Responses to Zero to 78.1

  1. Shelly says:

    I hope your knees are prepared for this, Jess. After all the running I used to do, I’m getting new knees later this year. And I hope you’re getting some kind of “running’ salary for this!

    • Well studies actually show that long slow/steady distance running gives you stronger knees. My ligaments will be tough enough to tow a truck after this year 😉 I just need to stay off of my skis!

  2. knitting4worldpeace says:

    Jess! 3063 is your lucky number…remember that fortune cookie?

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  3. Lisa Lombardi says:

    so by completing your run (which is a longer distance than the record holder) it would be a new record, new mileage, right? Amazing… keep going!

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