Shoe Fairy





My shoes are so beat up that the plastic in the heels is exposed..duct tape to the rescue. I am thinking about leaving them under my pillow when I go to school tonight to see if the shoe fairy will leave me some money. I ran in 5 inches of greasy snow today. The roads were not plowed and cars were completely out of control. I had to jump into the snowbanks everytime a vehicle went by to not get hit. I fell 3 times. One fall was epic and I left an 8 foot long smear down the hillside where I slid. I consider faling down a type of cross training. If you run, you fall, so you’d better be good at it. I embrace this bad weather running.  These different conditions will give me the confidence and experience that I need to get across the country. Amazing how the same route that took me 1:54 yesterday took me 2:23 today. Real life, real conditions.


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3 Responses to Shoe Fairy

  1. Wendy Mersch says:

    I can so see you sliding down the road dressed in your winter running garb…this will just build stronger character…way to go!!

  2. Julianne Morse says:

    Jess, I am friends with Nick Watts and just started following your blog, and I joined the Barnstead area runners. I would love to donate $10 to help you buy new shoes! Its not a lot, but you have 603 followers in this site ( lucky NH!) Maybe 7-10 more people could pitch in 10$ so you could get a new pair of shoes. No use getting injured!

    • Julianne! Thank you so much. Hold that offer because pretty soon I will be adding a donation button to collect funds for the cross country trip. As for shoes, I’ll get by for now. If the snow and ice EVER melt I have my favorite NB 101’s waiting for me. I hope we get to run together some day!

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