Headless Sleevesicle video

yes, it is me complaining about the sleevesicle phenomenon again. This was the coldest day but the day before I had enough ice and snow in my coat to make snowballs.

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4 Responses to Headless Sleevesicle video

  1. trikatykid says:

    Well it certainly is interesting how geography & time changes things! But it’s also cool that you get to charter your own course. Have you reached out to Dean Karnazes for support or advice?

    • trikatykid says:

      I think I commented on the wrong post – this was in response to the post you mentioned Mavis and the logistics behind the course record! Good luck! I will be following you!

    • I have (unsuccessfully) tried to get map details from Charlie Engle and MArshall Ulrich..because they took the same route that I intend to run, I think Dean Karnazes ran from L.A… but I may attempt to contact him about some other logistics though. 🙂

      • trikatykid says:

        I am sure Dean Karnazes would be a great resource for you – he seems to have a true heart for the sport and not only about himself! I’m sure he’d love to have some females out there after his own heart. Best of luck to you!

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