Glaring Problems

You might look at this picture and think, “pond? Lake? Skating rink?”, actually this is the surface that I am trying to run on. The rural roads are in rough shape. The downhill sections can get so slick that I am forced to jump into the 4 foot deep snow banks to get traction. Running this type of surface long distance is both physically and mentally exhausting. Every single step requires concentration and focus.

My other main issue is that I am being tackled and chased by loose dogs wherever I go. Once, I called the police station to report an incident, but I was told that they were busy and I should call back another time. I am going to have to buy a dog dazer or pepper spray to stay safe. It seems wrong to me that carrying weapons is necessary to be a pedestrian or cyclist but until pet owners and law enforcement officers take the leash law seriously, I need to be prepared to be attacked on a regular basis. Coincidentally, I read that Mavis Hutchinson (Current transcontinental record holder) was attacked and bitten by two dogs this month. She lives in South Africa, so I guess irresponsible pet owners are a worldwide problem.

About Jessica Goldman

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2 Responses to Glaring Problems

  1. Karen Williams says:

    Hey Jess, u need to carry sommething to keep the dogs at bay. U need to keep yourself safe first. Just showed your blog to Gramma. She got a kick out of it.
    BE CAREFUL. Loved seeing you this past week.
    Hugs, Auntie Karen

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