Anyone want to buy some snow?

Can shoveling and roof raking be considered cross training activities? I house sat over the weekend and after a 16 mile run in the storm I hefted snow for the entire day..tricky in the city because you run out of room to put the snow, so I filled up wheelie carts and hauled the snow to the back yard. Sort of fun but exhausting. Despite the continuous storms, I got 105.2 miles in this week! Highlights were twisting my ankle when I fell through some ice (healed after 1 day of rest) and encountering a HERD of 7 loose poodles on the rail trail. I was forced to tell the pet owner to kiss my……well you saw the drawing I posted which was my idea for revenge. Mua ha ha ha. A guy in Barnstead is now hosting group runs from BES every Tuesday evening. (Look on Barnstead area runners group on FB if interested) He loves hills and will help me to push my pace. My mileage is high but I need some pep in my step!! Sorry about typos and the funky way the training log came out..My internet connection is flashing from the storm so I am trying to get this up before I lose my signal

About Jessica Goldman

An underdog runner
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1 Response to Anyone want to buy some snow?

  1. Karen Williams says:

    Jess, you cease to amaze me! Aunty Karen

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