Dog Attack

This morning a German Shepherd-Chow broke loose from his chain and attacked me. The physical damage isn’t so bad; just puncture wounds, scratches and some deep bruising. The psychological damage is worse. The dog’s owner was horrified and has decided that they need to get rid of the dog because they can’t keep it safely contained and it has become aggressive towards strangers. The family was crying, I was crying, what a mess. Luckily the dog’s records are all up to date so I do not need to be concerned about rabies. The owner felt so bad that he is going to buy me pepper spray and a holster. Dark day. No running, Icing my leg and trying to heal emotionally.

About Jessica Goldman

An underdog runner
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5 Responses to Dog Attack

  1. Linda Riendeau Schlarb says:

    Jessica, I hope you went to the doctor anyway even though the dogs shots are all up to date. Dog bites become infected extremely quickly and easily and can be very serious. So please see your doctor ASAP.

  2. sara says:

    jess, yes, i agree with Linda, i work in the ER, please go to the doctor, these tend to get infected quickly and can be very nasty

  3. karen s. papa says:

    I am sorry to hear that!! What a scare. I hope you will be up and running again very soon, as you are ready. Look at all the mileage you did where the dogs were cheering you on! the nice poochies. we were lucky in Lesotho because all we had to do was wear a skirt and the dogs stayed away. lots of healing wishes Jessica.

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