Whirlwind Week!

What a crazy week! I didn’t even get 50 miles in. I am trying not to beat myself up about it though because so much has happened. I have officially decided that I will be doing the cross country run as a self supported journey. I did tons of research this week on carts and strollers. I drove around harassing bike shop employees and even went to Toys R’ Us to investigate running stroller designs. I have contacted friends to help me customize the stroller in various ways to make it optimal for the journey. I will release these exciting developments when they are complete! I have narrowed it down to either the Bob Ironman or the Shwinn Arrow. They both have hand brakes and a fixed front wheel.
Today I am itching to go for a run, but my wounds from the dog attack are pretty sore. The storm is rough out there and the last thing I need to do is to wipe out and exacerbate my injuries. SO I will suck it up and save my miles for later. The dog owner came to my house today; he bought me multiple pepper spray gadgets to protect myself from other loose dogs in the future. He will also be following my blog and has offered to help me out in any way that he can. I think that I will get my confidence back if I am able to defend myself. That was my 3rd dog attack. When I biked from FL to NH I was attacked by 2 dogs in Georgia and ended up with a fractured clavicle and fluid sacs in my lungs from the impact. When I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Lesotho, a pack of dogs come after me and despite my efforts to beat them off with a rain coat (great plan right?) I ended up getting bit. So, to move forward without fear I need to carry protection. This week I will try to tweak and improve my blog to reflect all of the changes in my plans. Please keep the comments coming, I love to hear from you all. If anyone has experience running with a stroller, I would love to hear feedback!


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