Lean Mean Plant Eating Machine


The last few weeks I have done extensive research on nutrition. Now that I will be running self supported I need to be able to carry portable and nutrient dense foods that will fuel my body properly. The information that I discovered led me to start eating a plant based diet. Before you say something silly like, you won’t get enough protein, or you need to eat meat to get iron, please give me credit that I have meticulously reviewed the data. My wonderful friend and food expert Terry Mccabe has been giving me some guidance. I am incorporating some cool and funky super foods into my diet to try and achieve optimum performance. Adding things like Chia seed, amaranth, spirulina and hemp seed to my meals and smoothies has been beneficial. I am on my 2nd week without meat, dairy or eggs and I feel strong and energized. 100 miles on the nose this week and I finished it off with a hilly 11.6 miler with Nick Watts at a 7:43 pace There are many Pro- athletes out there who live this lifestyle including, ultra-runners, boxers, football players, swimmers and weight lifters. So if you picture a pale and withering hippy when you hear the word VEGAN guess again.  If you are interested in learning more about plant based diets the following are all streaming on Netflix-:
Forks Over Knives
Gerson Miracle (curing cancer with plants)
Dying to Have Known (looking at legitimacy of Gerson therapy)

About Jessica Goldman

An underdog runner
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2 Responses to Lean Mean Plant Eating Machine

  1. Karen Williams says:

    Good luck Jess. Wish I had a trace even of ur willpower! Aunty Karen

  2. Charlie and I are 100% on board. 5 days into it, my clothes are fitting better and feeling great. We must’ve been ready because the switch has been very easy.

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