Attitude Adjustment


I was given some advice at school (by Dr. G for fellow students) She told me that I should never try and compare myself to other people. She also said that it is crucial to be patient with yourself in order to progress. Her advice was in regards to becoming a therapist but after digesting it I think I need to apply this to my training as well. When I run with other people I sometimes feel like I am too slow. And when I read about other ultra-runners I feel like I don’t go far enough. But in reality I will never be the fastest or the farthest so I need to focus on my strengths. Am I doing the best that I can? Yes. Am I listening to my heart and my body? Yes. Am I progressing? Yes. So rather than dwelling on how life got in the way this week, I will point out that I had two 30 mile days. Actually today I ran 32.7 miles. I do a 20 miler in the morning and the rest in the evening. I am running these miles at a marathon race pace that would qualify me for the Boston marathon in my division. (That is not my goal but I just wanted to put my training pace in perspective) And I will end this post without going onto a rant about how it was SNOWING TODAY. IT IS APRIL!!

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