First day of wearing shorts! The air temp is warmer but the streets are still lined with snow banks so I felt like I was running through a freezer. Several good things happened this week. I received an email from my friend in South Africa who knows someone who wants to sponsor me and supply me with a running stroller. Fingers crossed! I was also invited to train with the Prospect Mountain High School crew once a week. The coach gave me advice on how to increase my speed, so I will be doing more quality runs . I am pretty excited to run with these guys, they train hard and run fast and inspire me to work harder. My goal is to be able to run my 10-13 milers at a 7:30 pace. I am close but my VO2 max shuts me down on steep hills.

So, since January I have been trying to find a charity to raise funds for. After a great deal of thought, I decided  to raise money for people with traumatic brain injury. But after months of calling and emailing organizations I can’t find one that supports my interests. I want the money to go towards, rehab grants, home modifications, transportation etc. rather than pharmaceutical research or political interests. Please help me find an organization! I am in school and working in the clinic and doing public events and trying to run 100 miles a week and plan the rest of my trip…so I do not have any more time to contact organizations who tell me to contact other organizations who tell me to contact other organizations (repeat to infinity) I need to have something nailed down soon or I may have to scrap the fundraising idea..but I DON”T WANT TO! So if anyone can help me with this issue I will be forever grateful!

I still have one more run to get in today so I’ll update the training log later 🙂

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4 Responses to Shorts!

  1. Shelly Gingras says:

    I don’t know any organizations as you describe for your fundraising, but I do know of one that may interest you that is NOT for traumatic brain injuries. Some students at Spaulding High School are raising money for repairs for a school in Zimbabwe. You may have read about the efforts that some Spaulding High School students have been undertaking for this school. One of our students and guidance counselor went to Zimbabwe last year to work with the villagers. The student raised over a grand and collected hundreds of pairs of shoes to ship to Zim because so many of their children are shoeless. They also have been making great strides in rebuilding the school that has a dirt floor, no bathrooms, few books, etc., etc. This Sunday, the students are hosting a fun decathlon in the gym of the school to raise more money for the Zim school. The people in this village of Zimbabwe are so thankful and happy to receive the help, it’s inspiring to see their faces. I”m sure you know how that is. Anyway……just a thought.

  2. sara says:

    Did you try the Kremples Center in Ports I think??? I know there is a big road bike event to help raise money for the organization, maybe they would be interested. Happy warm weather running!

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