I had to perform amateur surgery on my toe today. Being a returned Peace Corps Volunteer,  I am qualified to do open heart surgery with a safety pin and a Swiss army
knife. This was a mere lancing. I had fluid built up under the nail and it
started to get infected. The toe was red and swollen and messing up my running
form. I still managed to get in 110.9 miles this week. I had to bail on my
usual evening run and just dragged myself around the track a few times. The
bandage is not very conducive to running. I will hot soak it in salt water
tonight and I am treating it with yarrow. Hopefully I’ll be all set for my morning run tomorrow!


About Jessica Goldman

An underdog runner
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1 Response to FrankenToe

  1. Jess says:

    Good luck! Great to see you are a practicing Herbalist! 8)

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