I am so excited to have my own fundraising page!! Please check it out:

Another bit of good news is that my friend Matt Willette was released from the hospital and is on the road to recovery. He was diagnosed and treated for viral meningitis again. He is a fighter and I am sure he will be back on his feet and causing trouble in no time. Watching him go through this experience has reinforced my choice to raise funds for BIA America. Anyone at any time could suffer a brain injury. It could be from a stroke, an accident, or a disease. These situations will impact not only the individual but their family and community. I am proud to be assisting BIA America to advance brain injury prevention, research, treatment and education.

My running? Just under 90 miles this week..low and slow. I have had to ease up on my training and prioritize school as I prepare for exams this month. If I don’t graduate soon the only running I will be doing will be from collection agencies. Back to the books……….

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2 Responses to YAHOO!!!

  1. Ford says:

    Work hard on preparing for those exams. Most important in the long run.

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