THUMP!! That is the sound of me fainting when I checked the mail today. I received a check for a full boat sponsorship for my run across America!! This amazing opportunity came unexpectedly from an amazing family of people who have a private foundation. I was asked by my contact to keep their source anonymous to protect them from solicitation. So instead of shouting their name out in excitement, I will sing songs of thankfulness and gratitude to them inside of my head. If you only knew their family name you would realize that the sheer task of finding a word to rhyme with it will keep me occupied for my long runs over the next year. I will still be running self- supported (with cart & camping gear) but I will now have enough money to purchase my supplies and cover my expenses. I believe that I will still have a significant amount left over that will end up being donated to BIA America. YAHOOOOO!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!
Ahem, and about my training this week. LAME. I have an injury that has caused me to take 5 days off. I know to many people this may sound trivial, but my runner friends may understand what this means. I am physically and mentally processing this “rest” as though I have gained 200 lbs and gambled all of my money away in Vegas. My ego and endorphin levels are telling me that I am a wicked loser. I think that I might be out of the woods however, and plan on lacing up tomorrow morning. This may have all been part of a larger cosmic plan though, this week I spent several days with my mom on a mini vacation in Laconia. Because I wasn’t out on training runs, we got to spend more quality time together.


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4 Responses to THUMP!!!!!!!

  1. sarah cluff says:

    This is great news, Jessica! I continue to be impressed by your efforts, your efforts on behalf of BIA, and the generosity of your sponsor. You inspire!!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    So incredibly proud of you! You are an inspiration!

  3. Wendy Mersch says:

    I am so excited for you and this journey you are taking…I hope you are feeling better and back out there running tomorrow! I’m thinking that time with your Mom was well worth it and knowing you, you will more than make up for those 5 days! You have to take care of yourself now while you are training so you don’t have to take 5 days off once you begin your trek! Yeahh for your amazing family and their generosity…they are very special!! So are you!

  4. Karen Williams says:

    Jess, as always i thrilled for you. Whoever this wonderful sponsor is thank you for helping my niece with her latest challenge. Love you girl
    Aunty karen

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