New Boyfriend!

I finally have a new man in my life. He is dependable, stable and helps to ease my burdens. He accompanies me on my long runs without complaining and manages to stay a few steps ahead of me. Who is it? Bob. Bob the Ironman stroller. I can’t tell if it is love or just a crush because my hands always get sweaty when I hold his hand(le bars). O.k. I think I have taken this far enough.
But, yes, thanks to my sponsorship, I am starting to train with my new stroller a couple of times a week. I am slowly adding in the weight as I get used to the steering and hand positioning. I need to find more paved areas to run in though because my bumpy back roads are not ideal for the road tires.
I cranked out 98.1 miles this week. Last week’s injury has gone from pain to discomfort. It is actually more of an “ism” than an injury. My sacroiliac joint is slightly malformed and occasionally gets out of alignment, which sets my pelvis and leg at an angle that causes me pain. I have been through it before so I know that eventually it will sort itself out.
I take my licensing exams this week and am looking at starting work as a Massage Therapist in Dover by July. Busy busy! I keep thinking that I will catch a break but it hasn’t happened yet. But as crazy and hectic as my life is right now I feel incredibly excited about my future and know I am headed in the right direction.


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6 Responses to New Boyfriend!

  1. Wendy Mersch says:

    Looks like a baby stroller! He’s very handsome! Happy you have that and extremely excited for you to take your test and pass on Friday, begin your business and continue training…you are doing what you are supposed to be doing, way to follow your dreams!

    • Tis indeed a baby stroller..just modifying it for my duffle bag & gear. It is actually interesting how people seem less apt to run me over when they think I am pushing a baby. I think I should put a cabbage patch kid in there. 🙂

  2. norma girard says:

    Hi Jess, he sounds like a keeper! Love, Amma Norma

    Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2013 20:17:14 +0000 To:

  3. trikatykid says:

    Do you have a Facebook and Twitter account? If you want more publicity, which I do believe you deserve, in this day & age, that’s how it’s done. No one is searching blogs for this kind of thing. Photos and more frequent “status” updates would help you find the support and following I think you’re looking for. You post “I ran 117 miles this week” and I’m always thinking, “WHAT?” Get an iPhone so you can take pictures of these journeys.. Your journey across the US is not something we want to read about when it’s done. We want to experience it with you! (this is one example of a group running across the US .. in such a short time they have over 3,000 likes!

  4. Yes! thanks, I am on it..I started to set up a twitter account but I confess that I still don’t quite understand how it works 😉 I will be setting up a FB page for the trip soon as well. And I hope to get an IPHONE to do live GPS mapping & photos & blog updates of the trip. I really wish I could figure out how to get a webcam clipped onto my hat for the run.

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