Finish Line!

I passed my licensing exams on Friday! I am just waiting for my paperwork and will be opening my own Massage Therapy practice in the Dover Mill buildings. Once I have my website & info I will post it for those who are interested.
I am pretty overwhelmed and busy with the business set up but I still got in 97.3 training miles this week. It has been tough to run doubles because we get nasty thunder and lightning storms every evening. I really don’t need a tree limb coming down on my head. It has also been very hot and humid. I have been trying to jump into streams and ponds when I can. The photo is from a trail run that I will now dub the path of poison. The poison ivy is the woods and now on my rear end. Not nice.
I got a fandangled smart phone to start GPS tracking but I don’t know how to use it yet. I need to go take a phone class at the Verizon store. (Embarrassing)
Kevin Skarupa from WMUR has offered to be my defacto weather advisor and we are trying to work out my departure date. Sometime in Early April I believe. I want to leave early enough to beat the heat and tornadoes but not have to run through deep snow in the mountains. Rather tricky.
That’s all the news I can think of for this week..More next time!

About Jessica Goldman

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2 Responses to Finish Line!

  1. Sounds like you’re itching to ramp up your training and your new business!

  2. You consistently amaze me!!!

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