Train Wreck


Ooof! I had a nasty fall this week. I have always been a terrible trail runner. I was wearing my hydration backpack and had my new phone in the pocket. I think that some stupid instinctual part of my brain stopped me from rolling to protect the phone. So I took a hard hit. Not good for starting off my career in massage therapy!? I am healing really fast though. Bruises are fading, wounds are healing and my arm is back in the socket. I used my body weight and a paddle ball to fix that. Did I learn that on MacGyver? This incident did make me wonder what it will be like when I have a wreck while pushing the stroller full of gear. It will be a pile-up. I backed off a bit to let my body heal but I still did a 20 miler (SLOWLY)
Believe it or not I have been tackling more arduous tasks than running up mountains. I have been creating my website and forms for my massage therapy practice. I am just waiting for my paperwork to arrive and should be open for business by next week!

About Jessica Goldman

An underdog runner
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1 Response to Train Wreck

  1. Karen says:

    One day if you are ever pushing a baby stroller, it will seem like a breeze!

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