The Heat is on!!


What on earth does 99% humidity mean? It has been an intense week. I ran 86.5 miles but it seemed like 200. Highlights were:

  • Random strangers pulling over to tell me that it was too hot to run
  • Needing to franticly wave a fistful of ferns in front of my face to keep deerflies out of my mouth
  • A deerfly getting in my mouth and causing me to barf up my breakfast
  • Getting chased by a giant St. Bernard (4 days in a row)

On another news front…My Massage Therapy office is officially open! I have been busting my butt this past week and even created a website where people can book online. Please check it out! Make an appointment and pass it on to your friends:




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3 Responses to The Heat is on!!

  1. Wendy Mersch says:

    Sorry about your chase by the St. Bernard and for the loss of breakfast! Living in NH is always interesting!! LOVE your website, congrats to you, so excited to come visit you and get a massage!
    Wishing you less bugs and humidity in your next week of running!

  2. Glenn says:

    So although I have caught a few of your more recent posts on this blog (as you can tell for yourself Jess but for any other reader I didn’t start reading this blog until sometime in the range of November/December 2013), I didn’t start to read it from start to finish until now and it is at this point that I want to stop and comment.
    You are, undeniably, and with all the earnest truth I have, one of the most inspiring people I have had the privilege to read about. Your strength of character, your courage to take action, your ability to push forward and to focus yourself in such a way that you provide yourself an opportunity to succeed in ways that I am too fearful, too unmotivated, too reserved to do is, for lack of a better word, inspiring.
    Our stories are different but there are common themes, common threads throughout depending on how one frames the story. How you use your themes to live your story, to live your life are what drives me to aspire to something greater than where I am and what I have done. Thank you for sharing your story. Please remain strong, bold and a lighthouse for all who read your work.

    • Thank you so much Glenn..I was just driving home and thinking about where I am at in this process.Truth be told I am feeling pretty fearful. Not so much about the run itself but the logistics and public eye. So hearing this from you right now means more than you can imagine. Your blog is equally inspiring. Not just for those who are going through the same struggles as you but for everyone who has fear or is trying to change something about themselves for the better. You have identified your own problem and are facing it squarely in a public forum. That takes big balls. (or ovaries) I am always discussing my external challenges but perhaps it is time to turn myself inside out and let people know what is going on inside.Perhaps this weeks blog…

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