Total Fool

I have had to take some days off from running. I should probably make up a better story but instead I will indulge you with the truth. The fact is that while visiting my mother I launched into a belly flop onto her ottoman and hurt my back. I thought I could be like Super Woman and have my arms and legs in flight position. But instead I am like Stupid Woman and am temporarily unable to bound over tall mountains (or small ottomans) so I ended up with a lame 75.9 miles for the week.
I will need to get back on top of things very soon. Only 11 weeks and 4 days until the Ghost Train Ultra. That’s right, I lost my mind and registered for a 100 mile race. It isn’t so much the mileage that worries me but the running in the dark and dealing with sleep deprivation. Not my strong points. I will be looking for pacers! Don’t all jump at once 🙂

About Jessica Goldman

An underdog runner
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