Bee in My Bonnet

Well, a bee under my camelback to be precise was just one of the many adventures that this week held for me. I also ran with a stray dog and then spent the afternoon driving him around to get him back to his family. I had a relapse of Lyme disease but after a week of taking andrographis I am pleased to report that the fatigue and joint pain are fading fast.
I ran 110.6 miles this week. I haven’t been timing myself on my runs very often. I struggle with the issue of pace and speed. It is very hard to not feel disappointed with my slow pace but I need to stay focused on the goal. The real goal is to be able to cover long & difficult courses without expending much energy or feeling fatigued. Right now that means that I need to run my hilly 20 milers at a 9:30 pace. That seems to be my comfort zone on a day like today (80 degrees) Tuning into my body will be way more effective than looking at a stopwatch when I start the cross country run. Although I just found out I am running with the fast team for the Club relay race. Yikes! I might need to do some speed work in the next 2 weeks. I ran a 5k tonight somewhere between 23 & 24 minutes but in my defense I did do a mountainous 20 miler this morning…Thoughts? Different training strategy ideas? I love to hear from my blog followers!

About Jessica Goldman

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