98.5 miles for the week. Should be more but once again I am in crisis mode. I am supposed to be moving this weekend but the tenant in my new apartment is refusing to vacate. So instead of running I am online trying to figure out what my rights are and where I will end up if she isn’t out in time. The landlord is taking her to court but who knows how long it will take. I can’t just camp & couch surf as many people are suggesting. I need to be online and close to work because I get a lot of same day bookings. And although I am a minimalist I do have furniture and possessions that will not all fit in my Subaru. I guess the law says that my future landlord can keep my security deposit and rent up to 10 days after my move in date even if the house isn’t available to me. COME ON!! I just had my purse stolen; can’t someone else take a turn? Sigh.
On the bright side I did speed work this week..hit the track and did strides during my long runs. I am not sure if it made me any faster but it felt good. I also have enjoyed running closer to town because I bump into other running friends from my club. If I can ever just move to Dover and have a normal schedule I think I am ready to crank out some good training weeks. But for now fate would rather have me spinning my wheels and stressing out about problems that are beyond my control. Ta ta, I am going to engage in some unproductive worrying. This blog post is a cliff hanger!! Stay tuned in until next week to learn where the universe puts me! Who knows? It might be in your broom closet!

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1 Response to Adrift

  1. Karen Williams says:

    Keep your chin up, Jess. It will work out. Hopefully sooner than later😘

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