Big Week


So much has happened this week! I met with my friend who is designing me a solar powered smoothie maker for the trip. He is still working out some details but it looks amazing and will also be able to charge my cellphone along the way which will be crucial.

I was also thrilled to pieces that Steve Knowlton shared his running route maps with me. What a huge help that will be. I am so over my head with some of the logistics and planning. If anyone feels inspired to jump in and volunteer just send me a message. I need help researching GPS models and finding mapping apps right now.

BY this time next week I should be completely moved into my new place (FINALLY!) I ran 111 miles this week despite the chaos. On one day I did doubles and ran 16 in the morning and 16 in the evening and ran an 8:18 pace on the second set. I hadn’t timed myself for quite a while so I was pleasantly surprised. This weekend I am taking a work trip to NY so I will be running in the big city. I really need to stick to my training to prepare for the October Ghost Train! I am going to try out some new Under Armour running shoes now…

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