Let the Madness Begin!

If anyone wonders where I am this week and next week you can find me at work or on the trail. The Ghost Train 100 mile race is October 26 & 27 so this is peak training time for me. Friday I ran 19 miles, Sat. I did a 34 mile run. Sunday morning I did a 3.5 mile warm up and ran a 5k race. In spite of my tired legs I won 1st place in my division and was the 4th female finisher. (22:07) After the race I did another 24 mile run. (My mileage for the week was 137.6)
I still need to get in at least two six hour runs sometime this week. UUGH! What a juggling act. I just hope I can make it across the finish line of this ultra. Getting my legs ready is one component and preparing my mind is probably the biggest factor. I need to be ready to battle fatigue, delirium and the devil on my shoulder telling me that I should quit.


About Jessica Goldman

An underdog runner
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