I Break for Porcupine!

I almost ran over a porcupine today! Not while I was driving, while I was RUNNING!! The little guy stumbled right out in front of me. His eyes got really big and he puffed up his quills and did an awkward shuffle of a u-turn.
This week was peak training for the 100 mile race.. Thursday and Friday were both 6+ hour long runs. I injured my right leg but decided to push through. If I plan on running across the country and finishing this ultra then I need to practice running in less than ideal circumstances. It was a learning experience for sure. Friday was probably the most difficult run I have ever completed. It was easy terrain and shorter than plenty of other courses but the fact that I ran in pain for a solid 6+ hour period was the kicker. I had to switch into a run/walk strategy at times when my leg would lock up. I went through cycles of swearing, calming myself down, and embracing the pain to try and feed from its’ energy. Endurance running is a physical sport but it is the mind that does most of the work. I am tapering now and hope that my leg will be healed up in time for the Ghost train 100. I want to cross that finish line!! I already have taper depression syndrome. I ran 15 miles this morning and it felt so lame to stop so early. Just 4 years ago I couldn’t comprehend running 10 miles at a time. And now I am preparing to attempt 100. Life is a strange journey!

About Jessica Goldman

An underdog runner
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