So this is it! I am resting up and getting my gear organized for The Ghost Train Ultra 100 miler on Saturday. Drop bags with clothes, first aid kits, flashlights, extra shoes, food and drinks and tons of other random items.Can you believe that I am bringing all of this stuff!? I still need to prepare 1/2 the food and add blankets and a towel to this pile. Most importantly you will see the 2 white bags in the back which contain my Halloween costumes. That’s right I am bringing 2 of everything as instructed. I need to trim a few inches off of my hair so my braids don’t slap me around. I was unable to find pacers or crew but I am asking friends and family to drop in and check on me if they can. My mom and Charlie will be seeing me off at the 9 AM start on Sat. and returning at about 4 AM Sunday morning to see the tail end. If any of you come to see me please tell me to EAT, DRINK, and put one foot in front of the other. A big aspect of a 100 miler is the mental confusion and fatigue. Running all night long and being exhausted will make me wacky. (More than usual) I just hope I don’t lose track of how many miles I have gone. I am carrying energy gels and plan on eating one every 15 miles as a way to keep count. The temps may dip as low as the 20’s overnight so my other concern is that my liquid fuel & drinks might freeze. And my other issue is that my back has been unstable this week. I am really hoping that it sorts itself out before race day. Despite all of my worries, I am sooo excited for this event. It is hard to explain the physical and mental preparation that is required for an ultra marathon. Getting to that start line with all of these other athletes is absolutely thrilling. The camaraderie and support are incredible. Statistically 100 mile races have about a 45% rate of people who are unable to finish. I plan on being in the other 55% even if I must crawl the last leg.

About Jessica Goldman

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10 Responses to PUMPED UP!

  1. The most significant thing you can do is show up! I am in awe and so proud of you. Love Mom

  2. jason and kristie says:

    Looks like you’re well prepared. Remember Todd and I will be running too so we’re all in this together. The only way out is through! See you on Saturday, don’t forget the body glide (anti-chafe)!

    • Fantastic! This is going to be a blast. Don’t forget to bring Halloween costumes. I think I am waiting until mile 60 for my transformation. 🙂 See you at the start. And most importantly. See you at the FINISH!! Woot woot

  3. Wendy Mersch says:

    You my friend are amazing and I wish you all the best…drinking, singing your rhyming songs, thinking of all you have accomplished, eating your energy items and most of all FUN with a smooth finish!! Wish I could be there to check in on you!! xo

    • Hopefully there will be silly photos in the near future. It seems like just yesterday when I came hobbling back into Mrs. Reeds class from my 60 miler. I can’t believe it has bee a year!

  4. sara says:

    good luck Jessica!!!

  5. Lorrie Ziemba says:

    I am so excited for you. Eat, drink and put one foot in front of the other and don’t stop until the finish line! I wish you the best!

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