Almost Toe-tally Recovered

Recovery has been much faster than I expected. The only issues are from the fall and when I smashed my foot into a root. One of my toes looks like it just walked off of the boat from that movie Attack of the Mushroom People. The toes on that foot have been numb since the race. I am starting to regain sensation but it feels like I am stepping on a grape every time I take a step. Gross.
Bob the stroller is getting a total make-over. Some friends are helping me to strip it down and get all of the weight to ride low to the ground to make easier to push.
Also, I finally got a link to the map that is used by people who are making record attempts to cross the USA. So I will be working out the details to come up with a finalized route. Ignore the title as I have taken this from someone else’s page 
This month I will start having meetings. Volunteers who want to help me organize and plan the trip will be gathering to act as a think tank. I am looking for ideal locations for the meetings; I think they will be in Dover or Newmarket. I will keep people posted. If you think that you would like to join us please let me know!


About Jessica Goldman

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