Lessons From A Chipmunk

So after my 6 days of rest I jumped back in. 98.4 miles for the week. Not a single one of those miles has been easy going. Just as my battle wounds from the Ghost train quieted down I found more trouble. I fell into a chipmunk hole. Just the back of my heel caved in. I would say it dropped about 4 inches. But it was plenty enough to re-activate the problem with my left knee. As much as I am swearing about the chipmunk, I am sure that he was not very pleased to have my running shoe in his house. So I am trying to embrace this as a learning experience. When I run across the country I will most likely be running through all kinds of pain and injury. I need to learn how to continue on without altering my gait and let my body practice the art of healing while being in motion. So despite the fact that these runs have been miserable, I am gaining confidence that I can get the job done. It is also helping me figure out worst case scenarios for timing purposes. I looked up the spirit meaning of chipmunk and it said Trust that you are protected and you have no real danger to face. Thanks for the lessons Chippy and sorry about your house.
Tonight I will be guest speaking at the Rochester Runners Club and tomorrow night is the first organized meeting to discuss the planning of my run across country. If anyone is interested in attending please contact me for details.


About Jessica Goldman

An underdog runner
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4 Responses to Lessons From A Chipmunk

  1. trikatykid says:

    When are you planning on starting?

  2. Karen Williams says:

    You are priceless!!!

  3. Justin h says:

    Healing on the run can sometimes backfire. Take this grain from a 3year trainer of Kempo with fair share of injuries I have trained through. It takes a lot longer to shake it *sigh*

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