Time To Toughen Up


This week I ramped up my miles, I added in hill repeats and elevation climb and now enters the  “wintry mix” For those of you who are not from this region or who do not fully experience the effects of the wintry mix I will do my best to explain.  During a single long run I may experience the following: sleet jabbing my eyeballs like tiny daggers, crusty ice underfoot that crunches so loudly it threatens my sanity, piles of slush that slowly seep into my shoes and turn my feet into icy prunes, black ice that makes me fall and tumble like a contestant from the laugh’olympics, snow that piles up on my hat and then slowly turns into a 3 inch thick ice helmet.

Times like these I really wished that I had a clothes dryer. I have long johns, gloves, hats and jackets strewn all over the place trying to dry them in time for my next run.

I am looking forward to the next planning meeting! (next Wednesday the 18th at 6:30 p.m.) I have some exciting news to reveal and hope to pick peoples brains about several issues. I have secured a bigger room down the hall from where the last meeting was. I expect more people and do not want to be crammed. If you are interested in attending please contact me for the details!


About Jessica Goldman

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