Jeremy Schaefer and other stuff


I am just getting in from an 11 miler. Sub zero temps, gusting winds, the trees were creaking overhead and I was getting chased by empty milk jugs and recycling bins. Running through the section of Lee Hook that is all farms and fields was brutally cold. I was seriously wondering how cold in needed to be to freeze the human eyeball solid. My eyes were in so much pain I could barely keep them open. If I get out for a second run today I will chose something with more wind break.

I want to ask that you please take a moment to check out my friend,  at  He is running across the country right now. He is traveling the same way that I will be and pushing a cart full of camping gear. Although he is in the south, he is still being hit by this cold front. I am asking that anyone who is able please go to his page and make a small contribution to give him enough money to stay indoors and get hot meals through this weather. He surely didn’t plan on experiencing the coldest weather since the civil war!?  You should friend him on facebook and follow his journey. Surely you will also be touched by his open heart and determination. We can all learn something from him.

This weeks meeting has been postponed. I will let the usual suspects know when we are able to reschedule. I am off to wash 700 lbs. of disgusting wet athletic clothes. Peace.

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An underdog runner
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6 Responses to Jeremy Schaefer and other stuff

  1. trikatykid says:

    You should consider a pair of ski goggles for those days. You don’t want to cause injury or illness!! Keep up the great work! 🙂

  2. Great idea…goggles. Yes, I’m following Jeremy’s run and you can’t help but love his spirit and determination! Please let us help him stay warm and fed.

  3. Glenn says:

    Jess, this is such powerful stuff and although I know this comes across as weird… I am proud of you.
    Thank you for being an inspiration.

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