Juggling Act

My life is very much like being in a circus act lately. I am doing my best to balance out my schedule. I have been trying to consolidate work and training into blocks. So on my days off I am maximizing my training by doing “ultravals ” (Thanks to Scott Rowe for that term and the training method) So I am doing several sets of tempo runs rather than one long slow run. This week I was able to get three 30 mile days in of this type. For those of you who didn’t get the news flash, I also sucked it up and got a membership at the gym. With these sub zero temps and constant snowstorms it is impossible to get enough miles outside. I am pleased to know that I can do 30 miles at an 8:34 pace without feeling sore or beat up. Just a few years back I was pushing myself to run a marathon at an 8:35 pace (That is Boston Marathon qualification standard for me)

I am still working on the mapping process, I picked up a pile of maps from AAA to work out some of the finer details and I have purchased the navigation system from Garmin and the Spot tracking device for live mapping is on the way. So much to do and so little time! And for whatever reason everyone and their uncle has decided that they want to book appointments with me this month so I am busy busy busy!

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3 Responses to Juggling Act

  1. Juggling it is, but how easy will your life be after you break the record and run across the country!! I am very proud of your sacrifice and determination to accomplish this purpose! You can and will do it!

  2. Michael says:

    Records broken or not, I’ve read your blog and I think that the fact you are undergoing such an amazing life event/milestone, which happens to be for an important cause, all the while operating under the umbrella of daily life stressors, is the ‘record’ itself. I admire people like yourself and look forward to your updates now that I have found this. And here I thought my daily 5k run on a treadmill was a big deal haha.

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