The Vultures are circling

I have been sick and running rather slowly so I was a little nervous when this giant vulture swooped down in front of me today. Luckily he found something more appetizing. I got knocked down pretty hard this week with some type of virus or infection. I didn’t run at all on the days I had a fever (high enough to warrant some fun hallucinations) and then I limited myself to 10 miles a day until I felt stronger. My legs were ready to tear up the road but my respiratory and immune system had another opinion. Today I got 30 miles in. Nice and slow on a hilly course with about 1,400 feet of elevation climb.. It was in the teens when I started out but eventually it warmed up to 28 degrees. Unfortunately it looks like I will end up back on the treadmill tomorrow as we are expecting to get buried in snow again.

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6 Responses to The Vultures are circling

  1. Karen Williams says:

    Jess, I really hope you will take it easy. I don’t think you’re letting your body heal before you take off running and then you’re down again.

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  2. I totally agree, I think I was fighting it off for a while and then it just beat me down because I was trying to push through it.. That is why I took some days off and then took it easy for a while. I felt like today went well and I will see how I feel tomorrow morning. (already annoyed about the snow) 🙂

  3. Michael says:

    Well, first off, let me just say I am no way even near the ability of distance and timing you achieve, so…I don’t know much. BUT….I do know, when I was sick recently, I would get all freaked out about my mileage, and thinking if I stopped now, everything I gained with timing and conditioning would be in the toilet etc etc., and I would then force myself to run. Good news bad news – while I seemed to think it a crowning achievement that I got my ‘daily run’ in – my body finally just reached out with an open hand and *smack!* across my face…and made me stop.. But you know your body better than anyone – and I’ll just hope from here that it heals and gets well soon!

  4. Glenn says:

    And the snow is here. I hope that it clears up enough for you soon Jess and thank you again for the heads up about the workshop, for lack of a better word. That promises to be a pretty cool time.

  5. Patti Meier says:

    Sorry you have been ill my dear friend. But….I have to say, you ALWAYS have some great adventures to tell us all! A vulture…on the week you feel ill! LMAO! You go girl!

  6. Everything in nature is about balance. You are finding it in your own way.

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