About that record..


So this week has involved research on how I need to document my run in order to get an official “World Record” according to Guinness. The information that I have found leads me to believe that it might be impossible to satisfy their requests as an unsupported runner.  They want me to complete a book full of witnesses with signatures  throughout the entire route. That would be  fine if anyone could sign but they require the witnesses to be officials in some capacity. So if I had to go off course looking for town offices and wait for an appointment with someone to sign off for me I think it would defeat the purpose. It would prevent me from accomplishing the task. Especially considering that many days or even weeks might be spent in areas without actual towns. I have been in touch with several people who have been involved in other record attempts for running across the country. They are telling me that it took 2 full time support people with vehicle access to collect required documentation and handle logistics. I am hoping to get Guinness to make some exceptions considering that I am running solo. I feel that having a live GPS tracker on me (and saving it as a file) and uploading geo-tag photos on a daily basis and collecting signatures from witnesses (even if they are not officials) would be solid documentation and proof of my run. But they might not agree. To be honest, I do not really care about getting officiated by the famous book. But I know that some of the people have been supporting my planning process are going to be very disapointed if it doesn’t happen. I will do my best and that is all I can do.

Which leads into my training this week..TOO MUCH SNOW! My miles look pretty pathetic but i am having to consider my efforts by time on my feet. Running in deep snow on trail can take twice as long so I go out each day and make the best of it. As for the treadmill? Even if someone laid a million dollar sponsorship in front of me I do not think I could survive a multi- day stint at the gym. (shudder) By request I will be setting up a GoFundMe page very soon. I have been procrastinating because I do not have any current photos to put up.


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2 Responses to About that record..

  1. nathan huppe says:

    more coming thursday i know you like it.


  2. You must keep your eye on the prize which is your personal challenge of running across America while raising money for folks with brain injury. It would be cool to achieve recognition from a record tracking company, but you owe them nothing.

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