You asked for it..

I saw this sign on my run today and it caught my eye. I investigated but there wasn’t a mule in or around the box. Maybe it was invisible. I got 26.5 miles in this morning before the storm started. I have been hard pressed for solid training days due to work and lousy weather. I feel strong though and I am confident that I will be as ready as ever for this transcontinental run. I finally ditched the tent that I didn’t like and replaced it with my good old trusty children’s tent that I have used on other treks. I also made great headway with Guinness information and it looks like I can have them officiate after all. I now have a Facebook page set up for followers (you should see it in the sidebar on the right side of the screen? And for those of you who have been asking I finally set up a GoFundMe page for people who want to make donations towards my trip. Take off time is so close! I am getting VERY EXCITED!!

About Jessica Goldman

An underdog runner
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2 Responses to You asked for it..

  1. I’m excited too. Today I’m working on a plane ticket to Nevada to meet and assist Jess through no man’s land for a week. What an adventure!!

  2. Yes! April 20 th I’ll be in Carson City, NV.

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