Only 29 more days!!!  Those of you who run races might resonate with the pre-event anxiety dreams. I wake up in the middle of the night in a panic because I have forgotten my shoes. Or I accidentally start running from the wrong side of the country and don’t have a map. I am also feeling sentimental towards my bed and my toilet which I know will soon be unavailable to me. I know that when I start running the panic will all wash away once I get in my groove. The first week is going to be the toughest. I need to maneuver my way out of the city which will add on extra time for all of the stoplights and intersections that need to be traversed. And right off the bat when I am still green I will be climbing up windy mountain roads to get over the Sierra Nevada’s. And on top of this my body and mind will be undergoing some major adjustments and adaptations. I hope to run strong but remain cautious in the first week. I am a little frustrated that every morning when I have gone out to run it has still been in the single digit temps. It will be a very fast transition from freezing cold to desert heat. Although tomorrow looks promising as it will start out in the teens and warm up to the 30’s.

I have been working on all of my gadgets trying to get the right apps on my phone to be able to blog and post to Facebook for you all once I am on the road. Especially for my loyal fans who have been following my preparation for over a year. I LOVE you guys!! Well, I apologize if this blog post is lacking but I am EXHAUSTED. I am looking forward to tomorrow because I have a day off from work and only need to run! And by the way the fundraiser has really taken off and I am getting closer to goal every day!


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4 Responses to Nerves!

  1. says:

    Do you have a twitter acct?

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  2. autofixation says:

    Looking forward to reading about your triumphs on here once you are under way. Besides, you’re a smart, friendly resourceful person. All of those worries will probably seem like cake once you are out there.

  3. Thank you! When I think about the big picture it is nerve wracking but once I am dealing with a one step at a time situation I hope that I have what it takes to get through all of the obstacles 🙂

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