Who? What? When?


Oops! Sorry. I have so much going on that I forgot to post yesterday. Thanks to Deb Cram I now have a non selfie picture! Nice to not be looking up my nostrils for once eh? I believe an article will be coming out in the Exeter News-Letter but I am not sure when.

This will be a quick post, I ran 41.5 miles yesterday and 40.5 today and I am also trying to accomplish several other last minute tasks to get ready. Tonight with my mothers help we are mixing mass batches of my vegan nutritional powders and adaptonogenic herbs from the Mustard Seed. Quite a mess going on here.

I got an email today saying that the Mayor will be at San Francisco City Hall to see me off between 8:00 and 8:15 a.m. on April 16th. Also the girls track team, a bunch of friends and representation from The Brain Injury Association of America will be there. Sounds like a party!

I am overwhelmed by the support that has been coming in this week. Special thanks go to a high school friend and their contact who wish to remain anonymous. (You guys are making this thing come true!!) I also want to give a shout out to Jeremiah Fitzgibbon for continuing to be an awesome support.  Katie Murray and her awesome coworkers who mailed me a UV Buff. (If you are a runner and haven’t used one of these I highly suggest you check them out)  I am also  VERY grateful that Jeremy Schaefer is back from his transcontinental run and he has been patient and kind enough to answer all of my millions of questions. More thanks go out to Bjorn Suneson for doing a fantastic blog post about my run this week . (click the British flag at the top for the English translation)  http://www.suneson.se/

My good friend Matt Willette took the time to come and visit me while I was in class in Manchester this weekend. Seeing the strength and positivity that he maintains while undergoing exhaustive treatments for Hashimoto Encephalitis reminds me to keep my head up and stay strong. Matt has been one of my biggest supporters since my early training. Now that he is dealing with this illness and brain injury it pulls my heart even harder towards my fundraiser for the Brain Injury Association of America.  http://biausa.donorpages.com/ForwardMotion/

Thank you for following my journey!



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2 Responses to Who? What? When?

  1. I will try to be at City Hall as well — what you are doing is so awesome — especially running for The Cause. Keep on running….!!!

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