Good bye NH!!


I just finished my last run from my house before departure. It was a cold morning and the sky was crying big tears to say goodbye. All of the earthworms came up out of the mud to say farewell. I will be in CA tomorrow! My poor body will be very confused to go from 40 degrees to 80. Hopefully I will adjust by the 16th.

My phone is ringing off the hook and my inbox is flowing over. Feeling the love from you all, please do not be offended if I am unable to return all of my messages. I still have quite a lot to do before I leave and I hope to rest for at least 10 minutes. (not likely) This will be the very last time I blog from a PC. From this day forward I only have my phone. If I send out any strange messages it means that I am using voice recognition.

I have been getting tons of messages asking questions about my route. You can go on the about page of this blog and look at my projected route at any time. If I am running through your area and you see any short cuts or better options please let me know.

Special thank you’s to Wayne and Donna Redfern for buying my ticket to CA. Melissa Sharples for all of her support. Lin and Charles Richard for helping me sort out all of my stuff and assisting with shipping and logistics. Scott Rowe for his hard work on loading my route into the ETREX 20. All of the people at the Mustard Seed for their donations and asistance, John Ahlgren for his continued support and finally FOLLOWING MY BLOG. Jodie Fisher-Aviles for rescuing my house plants, Fay Aucella for being all around awesome and everyone else who has been making donations to BIA and the GOFUNDME page. So much love that I can’t even begin to list everyone. I am feeling so loved!! I have put in the training and now we will see if I can get through whatever challenges this trip will offer up. With all of you behind me it will be hard to feel alone.


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6 Responses to Good bye NH!!

  1. Good luck Jess. I’ll be following your every move. I am so proud of your good work for BIAA and your commitment to make this happen! Love Mom

  2. Patti Meier says:

    Best to you my friend! Will be with you in spirit along your trek!! You go forth with that AMAZING YOU and all will work out fine! Will miss you….but so proud to know I have a friend like you!

  3. Mike Andrews says:

    best of luck Jess we will be waiting for your return

  4. Mike says:

    Best wishes for the time of your life. Record or not, I hope you simply enjoy every pebble of pavement.

  5. Barefoot Alex says:

    God Speed!

  6. karen seybold says:

    welcome to California. How long are you here before you depart for the run? we will be in the sierras this weekend snowcamping. Possibly Oakland on Sunday evening. Where does your run depart and on which date?

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