I’m serious

I made it through niles canyon. And alamont pass. Once I came down into Tracy I got caught in a huge wind and dust storm. While this was happening Google took me the wrong way. I was on a dirt road between cow farms and I got stuck because I was trapped bye ferocious dogs. The wind storm actually trashed the cart I lost my front fender and my Garmin navigation device and probably some other stuff. This is a true story as much as I complain about the device I finally figured out how to use it and now I have no way of logging my miles. The pockets and compartment of the cart are all filled with dirt. Somebody had to come with a tractor to fend the pack of dogs are in order for me to get out of that road. Once I got out of that road I was in the beginning of what they call the islands. There wasn’t any solid ground the sides of the road are bubbling up with water. I needed somewhere to stay but every house had angry dogs in the front yard. I knocked on a few doors but people were very hostile and did not want to assist me in getting directions or finding a place to camp. I finally met a really nice guy from Portugal who had a dairy farm and he asked his son to take me into Tracy to a hotel and we put the cart in the back of the truck. So now I am here it is almost 9 o’clock at night and I am still waiting to get food. I haven’t really eaten today because once I started heading up the pass the  no stores gas stations or any restaurants to get something to eat. So tomorrow I will have to try to find someone to bring me and the stroller back to that same intersection so I can continue on my route. I don’t think I made nearly as much miles as I intended to. But it is hard to say because I do not have my mile tracker anymore I will have to try to get online and find the distance. I hope that tomorrow is a better day. The good news is that because I was on TV people have still been recognizing me and yelling my name out when they drive by. But I’m not sure how much longer is that will last as I head towards Nevada . On a good note I had excellent running company 6 miles toda

y and a few people pulled over to take my picture and made donations. Sorry for typos I am using voice text.


About Jessica Goldman

An underdog runner
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9 Responses to I’m serious

  1. Alisa says:

    Hang in there! You can do hard things.

  2. Karen Williams says:

    So sorry about that dust storm and loss of your tracking gage. Hope today is better and you can find a place to stay. Love you.

  3. I read about your run in the Patch the other day and started tracking you. You ran near our house on your way over the Altamont and I saw you and honked. After reading your post, I feel bad that my wife and I didn’t offer you a place to stay the night. Wishing you much luck on an incredible journey.

  4. Sarah says:

    Wow crazy. I’m following your trip from NYC. Good luck and maybe you can get a new tracker out of Garmin or whoever. Someone should hit them up đŸ˜‰

  5. sfburnttoast says:

    All the best to you on this Good Friday. I hope that your Friday is a good Friday after hearing of your post yesterday. Crap to lose your Garmin device so early in the journey, but maybe a good Samaritan will help provide you with another. I just want to say I really admire what you’re doing and will follow you along with your journey hopefully providing some remote support along the way.

  6. Jess you handled that situation very well. I know it must have felt awful, but you kept your head and did all the right things. Good days, bad days, you know you’ ve had ’em all. I’ll see you in three days!

  7. Owl Lady says:

    Stay strong…Always storms before the calm

  8. heather griffiths says:

    you got this… we believe in you!!!

  9. Dori Clary says:

    You are one tough cookie and I am praying for you and eternally grateful for what you are doing!!! I am a TBI survivor for 27 years and I still have bad days on occasion. Thank you for sharing the struggle you had because now when I have a bad day I can pause and think well if Jessica can plow down a dirt road in a terrible storm feeling lost all by herself and come out triumphantly, I can come out of my bad days and feel triumphant too! Thank you Jessica for giving us hope and more reasons to count our blessings even on our stormiest of days!!!! Praying for your safety and for sunny days ahead!!!

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