still running!

So today I finished up somewhere between Fernley in Lovelock Nevada. I put in a full day but I felt like I was going slow. I think it was a combination of the Desert Sun, the hills, and some a cumulative fatigue. I started off the morning with a 60 percent grade going up a rumble strip that road was 14 miles long. But it was cool because it was a free range horse area. I have been trying to post pictures and quick statements each day on my Facebook page. I will attempt to maintain this blog but as you can imagine I do not have much time or battery on my phone to put things on the internet. Once again I think everybody so much for all of the support that I am getting. It is very hard to feel down when so many people are cheering for me.



About Jessica Goldman

An underdog runner
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One Response to still running!

  1. You go girl!! I saw you running by Brisbane after you left San Francisco on your first day running and just have to follow your progress. You’re amazing!!

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