Another wild week!


This week I made it over the Continental Divide going over rabbit ears pass from Steamboat Springs. I ended up on the course of the divide 135 ultra and met the runners and crew. I climbed over Cameron pass but still had several feet of snow while the temps shot up into the high 70’s. I encountered mule deer, moose, Fox, and coyotes. Going down through Poudre Canyon was a wild trip. Switch back roads ,mountain tunnels, falling rocks, avalanche areas. But it was by far the most beautiful and spectacular Road I have been on yet. The weather is still giving me trouble. I only got to run a few hours this morning and needed to go back to shelter because we are under a tornado watch and surrounding areas are getting golf ball sized hail. It will be a difficult week getting across the rest of Colorado and Nebraska as almost every day is forecasting severe thunderstorms hail and potential tornadoes. But it is hard to be discouraged when I am meeting the most amazing and incredible people along the way in this journey.


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1 Response to Another wild week!

  1. Janet Footit says:

    I’m sure these amazing people that you are meeting think the same about you! Amazing!
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