My poor blog!!

So sorry to all of my blog fans. I’m afraid that I am no longer maintaining this. My time is limited and my Facebook page has really been the go to point. I have over 2,600 followers there and that is where the newspapers and TV stations have been posting as well. My facebook page is Jessica Goldman Forward Motion and you should be able to see it here on this blog page and like it. My run is taking longer than anticipated I have had crazy wild weather and unpredicted circumstance but my spirits are still high and I am in the middle of Iowa now. The fundraiser for the Brain Injury Association of America is going very well please help me continue to spread the word. And thank you for being my loyal blog fans!


2 Responses to My poor blog!!

  1. trikatykid says:

    I quit Facebook after your journey.. you were the only thing I missed about it, but fortunately I was able to follow along (just couldn’t comment). Just wanted you to know that I was routing for you and I am so happy you made it! Eat up, gain some of that weight back.. and when you get a chance, write a LONG blog post on here! πŸ™‚ GREAT JOB! And I am so glad I suggested the UVX Buff mask because I can see that you wore it a lot!


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